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Westmont in Haiti Video

In March of 2014, 14 Westmont students traveled to Port-de-Paix, Haiti to launch seven small businesses using principles of microfinance and entrepreneurship with the Eaton Program for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. To learn more about the trip, visit our blog.



Video: Business at the Bottom of the Pyramid Featured on Santa Barbara KEYT-3

After returning from Haiti, Westmont’s Business at the Bottom of the Pyramid class was featured on local Santa Barbara news station KEYT-3. Current students got to share their perspectives on the trip, what they learned, and why they chose to spend their Spring Break in…

Day 7 – Nanbanyen & Northwest Haiti Christian Mission

Student Perspective 1 – Kayta Goyich – Senior Economics & Business Major
Today was our last day in Haiti. I have both a longing for the comforts of home as well as a pit in my stomach that grows with the thought of leaving this place tomorrow morning. Our class split the day between a visit to Nanbanyen, which is an area slightly outside of town that has heavy voodoo influences, and…

Day 6 – Looking Ahead

Student Perspective 1 – Filipp Kozachuk, Junior Economics & Business Major
Today was a day of new friendships, painful farewells, toilsome battles, and sweet victories. It was this very day that we dreaded from the moment we first arrived: the day we would say “au revoir” to our beloved entrepreneurs and leave them to carry on the businesses on their own.
I was privileged to continu…

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